# 2021-03-07

Happy Womens Day 8 March

Dear women, let us congratulate you with the famous spring holiday – International Women’s Day!🌷🌷🌷 Our sincerely wishes of happiness, health, success, prosperity and wonderful spring mood!

#, Consultations 2021-02-19

The government lifted the moratorium on tax audits

In October 2020 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine got the right to reduce the restrictions, prohibitions, benefits and guarantees set by the laws of Ukraine aimed to prevent the occurrence and spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19 in Ukraine, except cases where this might lead to restriction of constitutional rights and freedoms of person. Recently, […]

#, Consultations 2021-01-27


Over thousand taxpayers are using a single account for payment of taxes. Are you using the single account, too? Let us remind, a single account for payment of taxes was introduced from the 1st of January 2021. Its use is voluntary. Taxpayer may on his own to switch to or opt out a single account. […]