The Firm (the Code 34619277) operates on the basis of entering into the Register of Auditors and Auditing Entities No. 3886, which is published on the website of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine

According to national legislation requirements the Firm was included by National Committee of securities and stock market in List of audit firms that can provide audit services to financial organizations that operate on stock market.

AF “PKF UKRAINE” in 2008 obtained status of member firm of network of legally independent firms PKF International Limited . PKF International Limited is a worldwide network of 230 legally independent firms in more than 120 countries.

According to the latest International Accounting Bulletin world survey published in January 2017 PKF International Limited were ranked 15th under leading networks.

AF “PKF UKRAINE” is a member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Ukraine and the Association of Ukrainian audit firms, which united leading audit firms for developing and improving audit profession, to render quality auditing services.

AF “PKF UKRAINE” satisfies the requirements of Securities and Stock Market State Commission (SSMSC) for appointing of financial statements’ auditors by joint-stock companies.

In 2014 AF “PKF UKRAINE” was examined by the Control Committee of  the Audit Chamber of Ukraine in auditor’s activity and was considered as successfully passed the external control of quality control system of professional services according to Decision of the  Audit Chamber of Ukraine from 22/02/2018 № 355/4.

Concluded the contract of voluntary insurance of professional activity of auditors from PJSC SC “ARMA” dated 11/27/2017 № 035 – 798 – 13 – 01018